Oasis is here to serve people in the centre of Uxbridge.


Our aim is to equip and support men and women as they seek to live well, enjoying the most fulfilling possible life, and work well, giving of their very best, whilst being fulfilled in what they do.

We recognise that life can be challenging and demanding in all kinds of different ways.

Rest, Refreshment and Renewal For those Working in Uxbridge


With this in mind, Oasis offers opportunities for rest, refreshment and renewal through a varied programme:those working in Uxbridge, including thought provoking business events., an independent confidential listening service and workplace chaplaincy

Facilities and Activities for the Wider Community


We also provide a number of facilities and activities for the wider community, including the Oasis Coffee Shop, a drop-in group for bereaved people and lively activities for children under 5 and their parents/carers


Seeking God


In the midst of all that we face, Oasis also offers a variety of opportunities to seek God and connect with him, including Alpha,, Midday Prayers, Songs of Praise and the Open Church

Please do take a few moments to explore this website to discover more. Oasis Uxbridge is here for you, so please do contact us if we can help you in any way or if you have any suggestions of ways in which we can help others.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Live Well, Work Well




Weekday Services


Songs of Praise (Tuesday at 1pm)


This lunchtime service normally lasts about 45 minutes, and is an opportunity to sing some favourite hymns, and try some new ones. There is always a brief reflection on a Bible passages used in the service.


Thursday 10.30am (Holy Communion)


This is a simple and quiet service (normally without music), that gives space for people to connect with God both as He speaks to us through the Bible, and as he nourishes us through receiving Holy Communion.


Friday 12.40pm (Holy Communion)


This service is similar in style to the one on Thursday, and for many people it is an ‘Oasis’ in the middle of a busy town where they can meet with God and reflect on life.




St Margarets Church. 2016